Wedding photography is one of the few things that you don’t forget after paying for. In fact, after food had been eaten, flowers wilted, music faded, photos are the only things left of your wedding day.

Wedding photography is something that will be with you for the rest of your life, bringing you and your family endless joy, remembering those moments and special people 50 years down the road. It is a legacy, keeping sure that the romance and magic of your wedding day is preserved forever.
And that is exactly what my wedding photography ensues. I follow my gut and heart throughout the day, telling the stories as they unfold in the most beautiful way possible. Nothing excites me more.

I consider myself a story-telling wedding photographer, and no stories are complete unless told in full. I will not ‘fake’ a cake cut and leave your reception, nor will I force you to choose between paying for extra hours or sacrificing memories. Let’s chat, get together, and customise a package for you!

My packages are all inclusive with peace of mind. There are no hidden costs or catches what-so-ever, if you’d like a detailed pricing brochure please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me more about how I can further assist you!


Among one of the first Melbourne wedding photographers to offer same day slideshows at your wedding reception, our exceptional editing and turnaround abilities allow us to produce a reel of highlights from your special day and present these in a beautiful and engaging slideshow to your guests during the reception. Guaranteed to cause laughter and joy, these provide a sneak peek into each other’s lives in the morning, all the silliness, all the emotions, and all the fun and quirkiness that guests don’t usually see on the day!

Most our packages now include this for free, as we love making it, and everyone loves watching it!

Review an example of our SDE’s below, edited on the day and shown during desserts (remember to watch in HD)


The beauty of receiving all high resolution photos in your package is that you have the freedom and simplicity of organizing prints yourself.

In the past, it was common for photographers to monopolize the printing game, by placing huge mark-ups on physical prints whilst providing you with hindered versions of the digital photos preventing you from printing yourself. Personally, I’d rather be shooting weddings.

The realistic cost price of a 16″ x 24″ is only about $20 for example, with massive 24″ x 36″ wall-sized enlargements costing about $50.


E-Sesh, or Engagement Shoot, or Pre-Wedding Shoot. Whichever you may have heard, you are probably familiar with the idea already 🙂 These 60-90min sessions are fun, relaxed and are an awesome way to get comfortable in front of the camera! You can wear something a little more casual, or bring out the wedding dress for some early enjoyment, you can even have this after the wedding for a cool and funky ‘trash the dress’ session!

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Wedding Photography Melbourne Will Chao

Wedding Photography Melbourne Will Chao

Wedding Photography Melbourne Will Chao


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