Montsalvat is an artist colony in Eltham, Victoria, Australia that has been established by Justus Jorgensen in 1934. It has dozens of homes, halls, houses and buildings that have a richly established garden for about 48, 562 sq.m. This colony of Montsalvat has a detailed history where it reflects life of Jorgensen together with his family and friends. Its buildings and gardens reflect steep culture and distinctive art of Melbourne. Most of the visitors pay a small fee so they have the chance to walk throughout the whole colony garden, artist workshops and house and they have the opportunity to explore surrounding buildings. Most of the buildings in the sites are built and designed by residents who use local materials. The great hall can offer you extensive network of spaces from the extravagant vast exhibition and halls, small corridors and tiny balconies where you can view the garden.

Currently, Montsalvat buildings and grounds are mostly used for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, performances and most especially for weddings and receptions. It is a good place for wedding photography carried out by professionals and amateur photographers.

If you are looking for a venue that provides extraordinary photography, Montsalvat is the best option for you. It is one of the best venues in Melbourne that you may find. Having your wedding photography in this kind of place will provide you some great breathtaking opportunity to have images in any season and any light. You will experience the Mediterranean setting to a green farmland setting.

Montsalvat has delightful areas that are great for some stunning photos especially for wedding purposes. Most of the best wedding photography happens in Montsalvat in Melbourne because it is truly the home for generations of artist. Apart from that, it is also the home of renowned inspiring photographers, potters, painters, and other craftspeople. It is best recommended for wedding photography for having Montsalvat delights and because of its unique village atmosphere.

Montsalvat will keep delivering the most stunning wedding photography opportunities to provide you great pictures to look back when you are in years of grey. In Montsalvat, your dream ceremony, photography and reception are the best for you. You can have a range of great locations and you have the opportunity to choose from the catering between 30 up to 200 guest.

Since Montsalvat has free roaming peacocks for about 12 acres of most picturesque gardens, magnificent hall and historical buildings, this gorgeous location is one of the best photographers dream to provide bondless backdrops and provide you endless beautiful memories.

It is time for you take your wedding photography into a newer height and experience the beauty beyond Montsalvat in Melbourne. Everything you see in Montsalvat is very impeccable and the staffs are all professional in providing excellent services. The galleries in Montsalvat are always interesting so you will never regret once you pay a visit to this place. Montsalvat is one of the best tourist attractions that you will find in Melbourne.