Parliament House

The vast sweeping steps and solid colonnades of the western façade of Parliament House makes it one of the finest Melbourne wedding photography locations.

Parliament House is located on the corner of Spring and Bourke Street in the central business district of Melbourne. It is open to the public on weekends and public holidays for wedding photography purposes, and is one of Clarte Photography’s top recommended locations for couples who are having inner city Weddings or have time to drive into the central business district.

The directional and architectural profile of the western façade means that Parliament House is exposed to incredibly stunningly soft light particularly in the morning and early afternoon. Late afternoon photography sessions can result in harsh frontal sunlight depending on cloud coverage. We also love to use the grand and intricately designed doors of Parliament House as a beautiful backdrop for a range of photographs, right from beautiful individual Bridal portraiture through to fun and engaging photos of the bridal party.

The wide expanse at the top of steps of Parliament provide a very elegant, almost catwalk like platform where couples can take romantic strolls, flanked by the solid, sturdy dual row colonnades and bathed in the soft, directional light filtering through from the west.