How long do you stay at a typical wedding?

All day! All of my wedding photography collections cover you from start to finish, ensuring the complete story of your wedding day is thoroughly told. How else are we able to design a gorgeous album that you will pass down generations if it only depicts half a wedding?

Do you do videography?

I have considered bringing on board Videography services but have decided against it. It is with your best interests in mind that I recommend sticking to specialist photographers and specialist videographers. Otherwise, it would be like a Lawyer that also offers Medical services! Sure they can hire a Doctor to join their team, but the level of care and finesse would fail to match that of an actual medical practice. I believe you’d much rather want a personal boutique experience with whom you actually know, as opposed to a randomly assigned photographer/videographer for your most intimate and special day.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Timeless. My goal is to create the most beautiful, story-telling images that you will treasure for a life time, and to do this my style has to withstand the test of time!

During the ceremony, we make ourselves invisible, we are respectfully dressed, rarely need to use flash, and stay as unobtrusive from a distance as possible. You can guarantee that none of these two situations will happen:


How many photos will I receive?

This is difficult to answer, because it varies between wedding to wedding. Generally you will receive approximately 800-1000 images from the day, but it doesn’t mean it will be limited to that number, but rather, I will attempt to give you every single good photo,  all of them edited, delivered electronically in high resolution with no watermarks of any kind.

Do you photograph weddings outside Melbourne?

Yes I do! I do not charge travel expenses for weddings within 2 hours of Melbourne. If your wedding is outside Victoria then all you need to cover is my plane ticket and accommodation!

We’ve heard horror stories about lost/corrupt photos and hard drives, how do you address this?

The files are backed up immediately from the moment of capture, this is achieved by shooting same files onto two separate cards in case one corrupts (never happened to me yet), after the wedding, the files are also backed up to two hard drives + an internet cloud service to ensure 100% security.


I have other enquiries, what do I do?

Simple, just click contact at the top and leave a message! I would love to hear your story 🙂