Wedding is considered to be the happiest moment to the life of every couple. However, it is stressful and confusing as the time goes by. Photography is something everyone wants for their wedding ceremony. And they can be one of the major stressors! Most of the photographers out there try to capture all the events around the venue. Same with the guests, they should also snap away oblivious to venue rules in order to help in the success of the event..

Here are guides that will help guests to navigate some ins and outs when taking pictures during a wedding ceremony:

Stay in your seats! If you stand or move in the aisle, there is a tendency that you block other guests seated behind you and even the official wedding photographer and videographer. So it is better to get a seat with the view that you like. Let the professionals do their work 🙂

Turn off the camera sounds.  If you have a camera that produces sounds, it is better for you to turn it off. A shutter snap is loud enough to echo inside the church or to the wedding hall. Turning off the camera sounds of your cellphone is a good manner.

Turn off the camera flash. If the couple permitted you to bring camera, make sure that you turn off the flash. Although it will provide you dark images, you will not frown the ceremonies by your flash and will not interrupt the sacred event.

Following these etiquettes will ensure that you will not ruin the every exciting events of the wedding ceremony. Ponder on these rules of a thumb and you will contribute to the success of the big day!