Grace & Pablo | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

September 21, 2015

Wedding days are certainly very special days in all its rights. I believe that this is something that most people would agree and certainly so do Grace and Pablo. These are epitome of love and happiness themselves when they tied the knot, vowed to each other and sealed it with a kiss one fine day in Melbourne.

Witnessing yourself a marvellous event such as two people making their promises of living and loving each other certainly tugs at your heartstrings. Amazingly, it makes your heart skip a beat and thinking to yourself how lucky these two people to have found each other. This is exactly what you’ll felt seeing how high school sweethearts Grace and Pablo came to the wonderful day of their wedding.

The story of Grace and Pablo started back way in their high school days. Being high school sweethearts, it can be expected their story is not one without any problems. But they have successfully made it through those rocky roads to have finally come to the day when they seal their love in front of people to attest their love.

As their photographer I have seen it myself and captured every waking moment through my camera. That day when Grace and Pablo took their hand and vowed to each other, as I can remember is but a day that’s extremely joyous and touching in every way.

Before the wedding itself, the bride enjoyed being with the most important people in her life. She can be seen laughing, crying, smiling and having fun with family, friends and all those present in her most special day. Both the groom and the bride wrote each other with a letter before the wedding. While the bride was reading her groom’s letter to her, her emotions overflowed as she cried reading the letter.

As the bride walked down the aisle, I can see from her face the perfect palette of heartfelt feelings. It was clear to everyone, how both of them felt. It was amazing, how their church was huge and magnificent in every corner. That church played an important role making their wedding dream come true.

Grace and Pablo then vowed to each other, signed their love and sealed the ceremony with a kiss. The church priest then concluded the ceremony and everyone applauded and congratulated the man and wife before their eyes.

Once it was done, everyone then went their way to the wedding reception. Important family members made gave their messages of love and heartfelt advices as the couple will now be threading to the new chapter of their lives. They gave toast and it can be seen at all the people present there how happy they are for Grace and Pablo.

Weddings truly are very special not only for the bride and groom but also to the people who have been witness to their love. Being one of those that have been witness to this, I felt like I am truly blessed for yet again I have seen a dream come true.