Getting married in Melbourne? Who will be your Melbourne wedding photographer?

Everybody deserves a painless, personalised experience, a true master photographer who will make your day flow easier, not the other way round. Here are some tips for when it comes to choosing your perfect Melbourne wedding photographer.

1) I capture the complete story, from start to finish

4 hour coverage; 6 hour coverage; 8 hour coverage – These are some of the common wedding photography durations you’ve seen around. Ask your self this: Should the memories of your most important day be capped?  Should they be determined by however long your wedding photographer decides to stay for? I share a different philosophy – the one that says all moments of your wedding day deserve to be remembered. I will be there from start to finish, telling the complete story of your wedding day, which will last anywhere between 12-16 hours.

We are partners on your Wedding day and will be with you from your getting ready right through your reception. I do not charge for extra hours, nor do we force you to choose between paying for extra hours or sacrificing memories. This ensures we capture tender moments and integral parts of your wedding day, from start to finish.

Melbourne Wedding Photographer Will Chao Photography
Melbourne wedding photographer

2) What you see is what you get

I take pride in delivering the best of the best, every single time. That is my commitment to you and to myself. I don’t fool you with a stunning portfolio taken by someone else, NOR do I try to convince you that it’s ‘normal’ to deliver inferior products than what’s displayed. It’s not. I constantly update and renew my portfolio with masterpieces from every new wedding and I am immensely proud of that.

Melbourne Wedding Photographer Will Chao Photography
Melbourne wedding photographer

3) Our photographs are clean, colourful and natural

Wedding photos aren’t Instagram snaps. They are built for the long run; they need to remain timeless for decades to come. For this reason, I rely on my mastery of light, subject, location and technical proficiency to create photographs that naturally stand out against the test of time.

wedding photography melbourne
Melbourne wedding photographer

4. No Hidden Catches

I am a wedding photographer, not a salesman. My expertise and comparative advantages are as a specialist in photography, not post wedding sales.

When choosing your Melbourne wedding photographer, it is important to make sure what is exactly included in the price, as it is very common to be hit with surprise bills such as travel or high resolution photos, that you had no idea existed. Many Melbourne wedding photographers even hold your photographs at random until you pay up, this to me in unacceptable.

By choosing me as your Melbourne wedding photographer,  you can be assured that you will:

  • Never be forced to buy albums or prints through ME
  • Never be asked to pay an extra dollar beyond what you have agreed
  • Never have to accept a “hindered” version of your photographs such as “low resolution” or “watermarks” (which are all mechanisms to encourage print-buying or additional costs)
  • Never have to pay for extra hours. MY coverage is unlimited hours on your Wedding day
  • Never be charged excessive markups for products, in fact rather than selling you prints, I prefer to give you the freedom of organising prints yourself. I even give you my lab details with the best prices state-wide. Reason behind this? It frees up time for me to do what I do best.
Melbourne wedding photographer


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Melbourne wedding photographer Will Chao strives to create for his couples, the best wedding photography in Melbourne.