Choosing your wedding photographer:

In this day an age where everybody is a photographer, how are you going to pick the pony out of the herd? How do you avoid pitfalls and end up getting a not-so-pro? Here are some of my personal tips to look out for when it comes to choosing your perfect Melbourne wedding photographer:

Make sure your photographer took the portfolio photos

Lately, I’ve had a lot of couples come to me and say that their bridesmaids/sisters/friends hired so-and-so photography studio and received pictures that are nothing like the ones advertised. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is becoming more and more common as the flooding of certain high profile studios with massive advertising budgets working on a quantity over quality model. I’ve had brides tell me that they’re often faced with a sales manager – as opposed to the actual photographer during their initial consultation, and leave with absolutely no idea who took the photos and which photographer they will be getting (these studios normally employ hundreds of freelance photographers).

Portfolio means nothing – look at recent, complete galleries

Taking 1 good photo per wedding is easy. Taking consistent good photos throughout the day is hard. This is why I always recommend taking a look at your photographers’ complete wedding galleries to get an accurate representation of what your outcome will be.

Look out for common pitfalls

When I say full day coverage – I actually mean full day – until the end of reception. Don’t be lured in by semantics and then find out that your photographer’s interpretation of ‘full day’ actually cuts off at the start of your wedding reception, and you will end up paying a lot more if you want them to stay to capture the cake cut, speeches, first dance, bouquet toss, dancing, and your grand exit.

Don’t believe everything they say

“I’m the best wedding photographer in Melbourne”, “I’m voted Victoria’s #1 photographer”, “I have hundreds of awards!” blah blah blah. Much like dating profiles – these terms typically mean nothing and it’s the quality and attitude that counts.

You only get one shot at decent wedding photos – research carefully

The flowers will wilt, the food will be eaten, the music will fade – what’s left? Your wedding photos! These are the only things that will make your wedding day last forever so don’t skimp on selection and research carefully! You only get one shot at beautiful shots 🙂

Make sure you like the guy (or girl)

Whilst photos – the end products are without a doubt important, but it’s the photographer you will be working with for most of your wedding day – so make sure you like them! Do you know if they will adhere to your special requests? Be respectful to your family and bridal party? Be properly dressed for your occasion? Not being a selfish eye-sore who gets in everybody’s way during formal intimate moments? Care about you and your wedding and have back up plans in case things go wrong?

Plan ahead

Book early! Photographers are normally one of the first vendors that get booked outside the venue, so if you found someone you like – don’t wait up to avoid disappointment!!