Amy & Jono | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

August 23, 2015

Preparing for wedding is a very hard task to do. Most couples are very busy in preparing for the most important day in their lives. They want it to be the one-of-a-kind occasions. Before their wedding day, they send out the engagement announcements and commemorate the occasions with their engagement gifts with each other.

Since they set their wedding date, it is time for them to choose the order of invitations, thank you notes and wedding stationery. They now decide to choose their theme for their wedding that will complement to the wedding stationery. They also don’t forget to have some reservations for the rehearsal luncheons and hotel accommodations for their out of town guest and for the wedding night. Amy and Jono being the bride and groom make sure that their wedding gown and accessories and grooms attire and accessories are already on time. They purchase wedding accessories that complements to their wedding attire. All of these things need to have the best candid capturing moments to have good memories about the wedding.

It’s now the right time to get really busy and get gorgeous. The brides need to prepare herself for being the last time of being single lady where all of her friends and bridesmaid stand by her to encourage her to have perfect looks. It is best part to capture a candid moment. Amy goes from top to bottom to bring out her best look. From hair, face, eyes, lips, neck and decollete, body, legs and feet needs to be ensure it will provide stunningly beautiful as she comes out the room.

While the groom is also getting ready where there is also a need to reveal his good looks for his beautiful bride. Having complete capture of this moment is a happy memory in future where they will truly cherish the most.

They also attends all the ceremony needs where they secure their marriage ceremony site, obtain their marriage license and flowers. And being couple they need to have photos on different locations however, it will depend on schedule before the ceremony started. Amy and Jono truly enjoy the natural style of their photos in the locations where the ceremony will be held.

Their wedding photographs are all beautiful with exquisite and romantic imagery. But there is nothing more beautiful if you see the genuine emoticons that speak to the heart where the entire emotions felt in the occasions has complete photos.

And of course wedding receptions can take up half of your wedding day wherein most of the photographers want to take photos to the most enjoying part. It is the great place to have a party and enjoy most of the time where it is the awesome time to get pictures with all of their guests. Having a wedding photography is something you will cherish for the rest of your life. Apart from that, it will also make you remember the awesome moments that you will preserve forever.