Multi-Award Winning

Since its launch in 2012, Will Chao Photography introduced a breath of fresh air in the wedding photography industry and had quickly positioned itself as one of the market leaders in the segment. Their unique method of story-telling combines the authentic emotions with artistic vision to create a cinematic experience like no other.

Portfolio Integrity

Every photograph on this website has been personally photographed by our two main photographers. Our unique, natural, colourful photographic style cannot be replicated and as such only our two main photographers can provide you with this level of photographic output.

Realistic Editing

Good photographs are timeless. We take this approach to our digital darkroom, where we simmer the RAW images taken from the day. What we result with are beautiful, stunning photographs, free from overused filters and show off just how magical the day really was.
Our Differences
What makes us the best Melbourne Wedding Photographers?
  • 01.
    Peace of Mind
    • When we work, we're there for the entire day. No more dilemma between paying for more hours or sacrificing memories. Your story is important to us and we want to tell it in full.
  • 02.
    Knowing What Really Matters
    • We know that couples are tired of the same old “kiss in front of the building or tree” type photos which dominate the Wedding Photography industry, and we pride ourselves in our skilled capture of the actual emotions of your day. Our diligent and down to earth photography team are a pleasure to work with and work tirelessly to capture these moments. Our team injects fun and humour into your Wedding day, as well as being the trusted partners you can rely on, knowing we’ll run ourselves ragged to document your journey.
  • 03.
    Artfully Photojournalistic
    • We are of the absolute view that photojournalistic photographs are timeless photographs that will last for generations to come, and place a high focus on the capture of these photographs. As a result we leverage our expertise and experience to anticipate and capture all your precious moments, as they occur. This ensures we capture all the sweet natural moments that happen throughout your day. We believe the key to great photojournalism is to not be responsive, but rather, anticipatory. Anticipation of moments before they occur provides us with the foresight to capture moments as and when they appear.


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