A large degree of risk is inherent within the Wedding Photography function.

In this section of our website we have outlined the key risks and more importantly, the processes, procedures and systems Will Chao Photography put into place to prevent and mitigate adverse outcomes. Whilst risk can never be eliminated, Will Chao Photography has invested heavily and have performed military level risk analysis in order to design and implement processes and systems to drastically reduce both the risk of occurrence of adverse events, as well as to drastically reduce the severity of adverse events should they occur.

Risk Management Process

We manage risk through two ways:

1. Reducing the likelihood of a risk event occurring

2. Reducing the impact of a risk event, should it occur

Our processes and systems are cascaded throughout the entire Wedding Photography cycle, as diagrammatically shown below, which starts from pre Wedding preparation, through to photographic capture on the Wedding day itself, followed by processing of photographs during post production, and finally long term archive.

Risk Management


We aim to pioneer risk management in the Wedding Photography industry, and our transparency and articulation is designed to set a standard for our peers and industry to follow. We invite you to discuss with your Wedding Photographer what processes, procedures and systems they put in place to manage risk.

Preparation Equipment unsuitability
Accidental Delection of Wedding Photos
We invest in top of the line professional grade equipment with multiple redundancy
We do not delete our memory cards until we have double checked our back ups
Capture Memory Card Failure
Camera Failure
Photographer Incapacitated
All our cameras are dual recorders (i.e. the camera writes identically to two memory cards)
Minimum of two back up cameras and lenses
All weddings are serviced by two photographers
Processing Data Loss
Theft or Damage
Accidental overwrite of data
We maintain 3 backups of your Wedding photos (onsite and offsite)

We don't delete our archives until we are sure that successful backups are in place
Archive Things simply break apart after use Again, multiple back ups, we also deliver our negatives (RAW files) to clients who wish to keep themselves