Simone and Steve | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Simone and Steve | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

October 3, 2013 Weddings

This really is a dream come true. The scenery, architecture and the overall feel of the atmosphere there is absolutely amazing. Throw in Simone and Steve’s wedding and the whole place becomes simply magical. It was great having Dawei from Clarte Photo there as a second photographer as well, it was great fun and all in all, a very relaxed day. After departing the bride’s home we stopped at Alistair Knox to take some quick shots of the bridal party and her family before the ceremony.

As we stepped into Montsalvat we had a difficult time trying not to run over the numerous geese and peacocks roaming around the place, it was like one of the cottages you read and dream about in fairy tales, except it was reality. And then…we ran out of time! There were so many beautiful places to photograph, the lighting in the afternoon was perfect, we resorted to taking pictures in our mind and proceeded to ceremony.

Other than the annoying cracking floors which forced me to tiptoe my way throughout the entire ceremony, the great hall is surprisingly photogenic. The backlight from the windows bouncing around the entire venue creates some really, really interesting effects! What’s more is the upstairs area, but I’ll get to that later…

…yep, the upstairs area, the aroma of the wood and the gorgeous beams of light shooting through the slanted windows was just a call for photos. I still can’t get over how beautiful they looked.

The reception was nice and cozy, Simone and Steve are both book nerds (hard to tell from the cake)! Annnnd they both work in publishing, isn’t that sweet or what? Steve gave one of the best speeches I’ve heard all year, guess it’s finally time to hit the books… 😉


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