Marjorie & Marlwin | Melbourne Wedding Photography

Marjorie & Marlwin | Melbourne Wedding Photography

October 6, 2015 /

Weddings are such special days not only to the couple who’s about to be married, but also to the people who have been witness to their love. The same thing best describes Marjorie and Marlwin’s Melbourne wedding, a day in their lives that have surely given them with warm, fuzzy feelings and uncertainty as to what their future as husband and wife will bring.

Surely, one can say that these feelings are natural. It surely is natural to be afraid but the important thing is both Marjorie and Marlwin were able to move past their fear and finally tie the knot in the beautiful venue that is Bram Leigh.

I invite you to see their day through my lens – the fun, the laughter and the emotions that reflect how wonderful that day is going to be. Held in a very romantic fairy lit chapel, the ceremony proceeded, both Marjorie and Marlwin exchanged vows to be with each other until they have finally tied the knot.

Apart from the overwhelming emotions from the couple themselves, their friends and family members, it is such a lovely thing that Marjorie and Marlwin’s Melbourne wedding took place in Bram Leigh. Set amongst the elegant, carefully tended three acres of garden, the place certainly has everything that defines a relaxing and absolutely memorable occasion that a wedding should be. It featured a Chapel where the ceremony took place, the astounding gardens lined up among the ancient pine, silver birch and oak trees, in that bride and groom took family shots to remember that special day.

After getting shots with their family, they proceeded on taking shots of the bridal party. Taking shots all day, we managed to have caught such genuine laughter, the tearful smiles, and the heartfelt congratulations and all the wonderful moments that they never would have realised as they unfolded.

The food was nothing but great and was definitely to die for. Seeing the laughter, the smiles and the tears from the bride and groom’s guests, you can be certain they have certainly enjoyed the wedding in every minute and every hour of that wonderful day. Who would be boring when there are plenty of things that the wedding party prepared for all the guests? They have made sure everyone have had a wonderful day and enjoyed every minute of it.

One of the most heartfelt moments of the wedding was when it was the best man read a poem he wrote for the couple. It was a wonderful hearing the thoughts of the best man for the new journey the new husband and wife will be taking. That day was certainly a blast, having given both of them my congratulations, I wished for they lead happy life ahead.

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