I’m one of the very few who actually offer real full day coverages. Some offer hourly packages, others claim to be full day but they neglect reception. And then there’s myself – I believe your entire wedding deserves to be remembered, so for this reason, when I say full day coverage, I mean all of it! A full wedding generally lasts around 12-15 hours and I will be there from your getting ready right through to the end of your wedding reception. Because what would be the alternative? Pack up in the middle of your wedding and go watch a movie? Your memories are important!!



Getting ready is a big part of your wedding day, and no album is complete unless the story is told in full! At this stage, you are excited, nervous, and even a little bit scared. Knowing what lies ahead is a big deal, this is the time when you’ll hug your parents for the last time as a single lady, the time when all your best friends and bridesmaids stand by and encourage you, when you look your very best, freshened up, and your hair looks perfect. This is also when I will capture some beautiful candid moments of your preparation, some details, the rings, the dresses, and some the most beautiful portraits you’ve ever seen of yourself, on the most important day of your life..


Limiting the coverage time usually means having to sacrifice many stages of your wedding. It could mean skipping the groom coverage, bride coverage, or both. I intend to correct this trend one wedding at a time.

The groom getting ready is the one part of the Wedding that the Bride does not see on the day, and is an integral part of the Wedding and we love revealing to the Bride the macho antics and silliness that her man and his mates get up to before the wedding, but more importantly the care that the Groom takes to look his best for his beautiful bride’s most important day of her life.

Grandma would love a picture of her sharp-looking grandson too!

I structure your Wedding photography coverage to capture your complete day, without any shortcuts.


It’s your processional. The first time dad walks you down the aisle. The first kiss. The official statement. The hugs and kisses. It’s everything.

And I intend to capture it as it is – everything.

The moments that can be captured during this stage is priceless – and a struggle to put into words.


These are the people YOU choose to celebrate your wedding with! They’ll come up, congratulate you, spend their day with you, and take photos with you!

During this time, you’ll know I’ll take plenty of candids, plenty of formals, and plenty of candids in between formals. Don’t forget the massive group shot as well!


It’s time for location photos. Depending on your ceremony schedule, this can happen either before or after the ceremony. This is when the bridal party gets to have fun, and get some great photos that you may hang on the wall or use as a double-page spread in your wedding album! I enjoy a candid and natural style, so rather than posing you like a look-book model, I can offer you prompts and directions, tell you bad jokes that are so bad you laugh anyway, and I let your own magic take over..


By far my favourite time for wedding photographs! The beautiful painterly effects of the sky combined with the exquisite soft natural light make some of the most beautiful and romantic imagery. Being able to work during this rapid moving hour whilst properly lighting the couple and the surrounding can be tricky to master but the results speak for themselves. If you’re getting married in winter, you will likely catch this moment as well as the sunset before your reception, you’re in luck! If your wedding is in summer, feel free to pop outside for 5 minutes or so during the dance break and get some of this light, it will be well worth it!!


There is nothing more beautiful than genuine emotions that speak to the heart, and I endeavour to capture every moment of it. Be it the moment the groom sees the bride for the first time, or when you guys are sharing a laugh together, I capture it.


Wedding Receptions can take up half of your wedding day and more, most photographers say they finish after the cake cut, but it’s so much more than that! Your reception is the greatest party you’ll ever throw in your life! I love receptions, the genuine and dare I say, wild moments that transpire, and everything in between. This is an awesome time to get photos with all of your guests, have a blast, lay back and laugh at the candid moments that I capture. I will stay till the end to capture your grand departure, after all, I don’t want a story told unfinished.

High-Res Files | No Hidden Catches | Full Day Unlimited Coverage | Peace of Mind

To me, wedding photography isn’t something you pay for and forget. It is something that will be with you for the rest of your life, bringing you and your family endless joy, remembering those moments and special people 50 years down the road. It is a legacy, keeping sure that the romance and magic of your wedding day is preserved forever.
And that is exactly what my wedding photography ensues. I follow my gut and heart throughout the day, telling the stories as they unfold in the most beautiful way possible. Nothing excites me more.

Please do not hesitate to contact me below if you’d like a detailed pricing brochure!


8/10 brides wish they hired a better photographer.

7/10 brides wish they hired a videographer.

Cinematography has the ability to tell your story in a way photography never could (and vice versa). I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to, and heard some of the most beautiful speeches, only to realise none of it has been recorded.

As there is only one Will Chao, I have partnered with some amazing videographers whom I have worked with consistently and know each other inside and out (not literally, that would be weird). Have a look at their websites below!




Sit back and enjoy! Or learn more about Melbourne Wedding Photographer