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  • Widely known for producing some of the finest wedding photography in Melbourne, we are proud to put our name to creating consistent, gorgeous keepsakes that immortalize the most important day of your lives.
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    Lisa & Minjie’s Melbourne Wedding Photos

    After witnessing their magic during their engagement shoot, I thought that was it, it would be impossible to top that. Just how wrong was I! Their wedding day proved to exceed all bars and actively excited me upon entering their home. It was big, massive, and just so so big. Did I mention big? […] WEDDING VENUE:

    Wedding Photography Melbourne Will Chao Photographer

    Sylvia & Julian’s Melbourne Wedding Photos

    We are excited to witness the bonding of love and exchanging of vows on Sylvia & Julian’s wedding day. While the ladies are preparing themselves putting make-ups, doing some hairdo, and relaxing in the most possible way even if they can’t contain their excitement, the men are all set and are all waiting outside,

    Wedding Photography Melbourne Will Chao Photographer

    Tessa & Ben’s Melbourne Wedding Photos

    One of our favourite Weddings of 2014! As I woke up by the sweet melodies of birds, the day of Tessa and Ben’s wedding had finally come.  I knew I had to capture the moment and make it second to none. Just looking at their eyes you could tell how they had awaited this special day. […] CHURCH: ST JOHN’S ANGLICAN

    Wedding Photography Melbourne Will Chao

    Emma & Joash’s Melbourne Wedding Photos

    It’s time to share the wedding photos of Emma and Joash with you all! We started the day off at their respective homes, just as they’re about the get ready. This is one of my favourite sections of the wedding day as I am there, first hand, to witness the raw emotions they share with their loved ones. When

    Melbourne Wedding Photography Will Chao

    Lisa and Minjie’s Melbourne Pre-Wedding Photos

    Hey all, I’d like to share with you the engagement session of Lisa and Minjie. Photographing at some of the most quintessential spots around the Melbourne CBD, the couple really brought their ‘A-game’ which made my job a walk in the park, following by an actual walk in the park! I absolutely love how

    Wedding Photography Melbourne Will Chao

    Sam & Amy’s Melbourne Pre-Wedding Photos

    It all started with a morning breeze. I met Sam & Amy at Fitzroy’s Garden in Melbourne. The both of them hooked up a smile at each other, and it was the cutest thing during that moment. I took my camera, and we started shooting. Their outfits perfectly complimented each other. Their elegance, the way they